Meet the authors


Excuse the old photo – but aren’t we adorable?

These two met at the University of Kansas in Lawrence in 2011 while Katie was completing her undergrad and Matt was in his second-year of grad school. Long story short – they dated, fell in love, got engaged, and had a wicked awesome wedding on July 21st, 2012.

This past May, they both completed their graduate degrees, Masters of French Literature (Katie) and a Doctorate in Social Psychology (Matt) and moved on to their next adventure – moving abroad! They currently live in the beautiful city of Cologne, Germany where Matt is working as a post-doctorate researcher for the Social Cognition Center Cologne, and Katie works in nearby Bonn at the International Paralympic Committee as an administrative assistant.

In their spare time, they love cooking, reading, watching Netflix (is Netflixing a word yet?), and playing games together. Katie is an avid knitter and baker, and Matt loves to fish and play disc golf when he isn’t winning awards for his research.

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